What do our courses include?

  • How we learn

    What stages do I need to go through to improve my tennis in the long term? Understanding the learning process is key to your development. We take you through the theory behind how we learn.

  • Video guide

    How do I video my shots? We guide you through the best camera angles and court positions to capture your shots like a pro! No experience necessary.

  • Tennis Fundamentals

    How can I understand what I am doing wrong? We break down each of the key tennis shots into their fundamental elements, enabling you to build up a picture of your tennis and the areas you need to improve.

  • Analysis

    How do I analyse my own tennis? Building on the knowledge you have acquired, we guide you step-by-step through the analysis process. Creating a comprehensive evaluation of your game.

  • Coach Consultation (Optional)

    For all of the courses you have the option of adding a coach consultation. Your coach will answer your questions and help you prioritise the areas you need to work on. He will guide you on how to practise properly to reach your goals and improve your game.

JMT Coach Consultants

Course Director

Erwan Nicolas

LTA Level 5 Coach. JMT Course Director. ATP/WTA Tour Coach. Erwan has been instrumental in creating the coaching content at JMT. With over 25 years of knowledge and experience his contribution to JMT has been outstanding. You will still find Erwan doing what he loves, coaching tennis. He is currently coaching in London (SW19, Wimbledon) in between writing our courses!

Head Coach

Andrea Fierro

A very experienced coach from Italy. Andrea has spent the last 7 years heading up our UK Camps. He helped develop our new camps in Brighton, Cambridge and Barcelona. Andrea recently completed 2 years at the Sanchez Casal Academy helping junior performance players realise their potential. Currently back in Italy (Milan), we are really pleased to have Andrea on the team in this new virtual world!

More tennis courses coming soon!

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