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What is included?

  • How we learn

    What stages do I need to go through to improve my serve in the long term? Understanding the learning process is key to your development. We take you through the theory behind how we learn.

  • Video guide

    How do I video my serve? We guide you through the best camera angles and court positions to capture your serve like a pro! No experience necessary.

  • Serve Fundamentals

    How can I understand what I am doing wrong? We break down the serve into its fundamental elements, enabling you to build up a picture of your serve and the areas you need to improve.

  • Serve Analysis

    How do I analyise my own serve? Building on the knowledge you have aquired we guide you step-by-step through the analysis process. Creating a comprehensive evaluation of your serving action.

A full MOT of your serve

The tools you need to improve your game

  • 20 x fundamental elements of the serve

  • Lots of example tennis videos to help you visualise each element

  • 1 x video capture guide with 3 camera angles

  • 1 x serve evaluation form used by professional coaches

  • JMT Academy certificate on completion

  • Option to add an online coach consultation

Course Content

  • 1


    • Jonathan Markson Tennis Online

    • Welcome to the JMT Academy - Serve

  • 2

    How we learn

    • JMT Online - How we learn

    • How we learn and get better

  • 3

    Video Capture

    • JMT Online - Video Capture

    • Guide to capturing your serve on video

    • Video Capture Guide Download - How to capture great video of your serve

    • Video Angle Guide Download - How to achieve the best camera angles

  • 4

    Fundamentals - Introduction

    • JMT Online - The fundamentals of the tennis shot

    • Introduction to the fundamentals

    • Definitions: Tennis Vocabulary

    • Definitions: Tennis Racquet

    • Definitions: Tennis Court

  • 5

    Fundamentals - Serve

  • 6

    Next Steps

    • JMT Online - You've Aced it!

    • Congratulations

Improve your serve

Take control of your game and move to the next level.

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