• But I’ve never filmed my tennis before. How do I do it?

    Don’t worry, the course covers an easy-to understand guide on how to shoot the best video. We include details on where to position the camera, what to capture in the shot and even how to label your video for ease of reference.

  • How do I review my own shot? I am not a coach!

    In this course we give you the skills to review your own shot. We also provide a step by step guide to carrying out the review that will enable you to understand the areas you need to work on. If you still find it difficult then we provide the option to add a consultation with one of our professional coaches.

  • I just want the consultation and not spend time doing the course. Can I do this?

    Unfortunately, you can’t do this. The success of this course depends on you taking time to understand the key elements of your shots. By being involved in the learning process and reviewing your own shot you are more likely to be able to make long term changes. The coach consultation then builds on this platform of understanding, helping you to prioritise the key areas for improvement.

  • Why is this different to just buying a private lesson on court?

    The main difference is that you are able to take control of your own learning. We believe that by doing this you will develop a strong foundation of understanding which will help you get better. Of course, you need to get on court to practise but hopefully, this increased awareness will help you practise properly.

  • I don’t have video capturing software – do I need it?

    You do not need any special software for this course. You can capture your video on a normal smart phone or tablet.

  • I want to work on my serve – I don’t want to buy a bundle of 6 shots, can I do this?

    Yes, you can just buy a single shot. If you later decide that you want to buy all the shots then you can contact us directly (info@marksontennis.com) and we can upgrade you to the full JMT Academy package.

  • I really enjoyed the course but would love to have a lesson on court with one of your coaches, can I do this?

    We run a full programme of clinics and camps in the UK. Please check our website (marksontennis.com) for a list. We don’t currently offer any one-to-one coaching sessions.

  • Do you offer this product in other languages?

    We currently only have an English version of the course. However, your shot consultation can be carried out in English, French or Italian!